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General correspondence to the Bolts and feedback/questions about programs, schedules, policies, rosters, etc. should be sent to the Board of Directors via cvbolts@gmail.com.

Parents can also email the team administrators with feedback and/or questions about organization with travel, accommodations, communication, carpooling, etc.

2016-2017 Charlottesville Bolts Board:
High School Coaching Board Member - Alex Whitten (WAHS Varsity Head Coach & Bolts 2019/2020 Coach)
High School Coaching Board Member - Todd Brown (AHS Varsity Assistant Coach & Bolts 2021/2022 Coach)
Area Youth Coaching Board Member - Dave Garrett (MHS 7-8 Grade Coach & Bolts 2025/2026/2027 Coach)
Bolts Administrator - Dallas Hambrick Hitt (djh9k@eservices.virginia.edu)
Board Member - Les Roberts
Board Member - *open position*
Board Member - *open position*
Board Member - *open position*
President/Board Member - Sean Lunn (cvbolts@gmail.com)
Interested in Open Board/Team Positions, please contact us at cvbolts@gmail.com!